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So, I know it’s been a while, I’m going to try to update more often now.  Anyways, here’s some stuff I think you should check out..or some stuff you shouldn’t, for that matter.

I really enjoy checking out this site…maybe it’s just because I am a major Korean drama fan.  Sometimes, when I find an AMAZING drama, it can become an obsession.  Sad, I know.  Anyways, this site follows stars from different dramas and has a lot of video of performances and pictures from various photo shoots (sometimes you may even find pictures of your favorite star during everyday life.).

And, if you happen to be a drama-fan like myself, you might find this site very helpful: I watch a lot of dramas through this site, especially when I am away at school.  They have Japanese dramas too, not only Korean dramas.

You should also check out this site, if you haven’t already.  I LOVE this site.  In general, I just love to watch movies.  This site can tell you which movies your favorite star has been in or will be seen in soon.  It can also tell you which movies are being released this week…or next week..and so on.  LOVE it.  Go check it out.

This summer my friend showed me this site.  Warning: geeks only.  As some of you might not know yet, I can be somewhat of a geek.  This site can keep me entertained for hours.  So, for you geeks out there, check it out.  It has tons of cool stuff.

And, finally, if you’re a fan of a cute animated video every now and then, check this site out.  This film was nominated Best Animated Short for the 2009 Academy Awards.  You can even explore how they made the film.  Click on “THE FILM” to view the video.  It  might take a while to load (which is my only complaint), but the video is well worth the wait.

This is one you should avoid though:

Since I am a major Harry Potter fan, (yes, I am not afraid to admit it) I wanted to see what the website looked like.  It uses Adobe Flash to play a video on the opening site that took FOREVER to load.  My laptop at the time was as slow as a slug and was not very happy with that video.  Warner Bros should have also considered the people that do not have Flash installed on their computers.  Once the video stops playing it goes straight to the main site.  The menu bar is in the upper left corner, but you can’t see it.  You can only see “MENU.”  You have to roll your mouse over “MENU” to see your choices, but then you can’t even see all of them at once and the font is really small.  Not very user-friendly at all – gets on my nerves.

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