Alright, I know I said I was going to update more often and I have been failing.  Sorry, school started and things got really busy all of a sudden.  My mom said it perfectly the other day: I complained before school started that I was bored and had nothing to do.  And now that school started and I have things to do I’m complaining that I have too much to do and that I’m too busy.  HAHA!  As, I said, she said it perfectly.  So hard to please.

Anyways, for digital video photography, we have to put together a “Creighton moments” video.  The idea came from a “16:moments” video on youtube.  I think it’s a really great video and it made me think about all the small parts of your day that you don’t think about.  So take a moment, think about it.  There ARE all these small details that make up our day that we never really remember because we usually only remember those big defining moments.  Are those small moments not as important?  I think they are.  Without the small moments our day would be incomplete.  Anyways, I think it’s a great video that shows the big and small moments throughout life.  It has great cuts and a certain, I guess you could call it symmetry from cut to cut that shows some great videography.  Watch it and enjoy!

Also, I was introduced to this really great site a couple days ago.  It is very entertaining and is a great pick-me-up!  It’s a blog of awkward family photos.  I know it’s horrible to find amusement at someone else’s expense, but still.  ENJOY!

Alrighty, catch you later!

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