windows 7

So I was in meeting for work when I first heard word of the new Windows operating system.  My boss was raving about how great it was – he already tried it.  My co-worker and friend chimed in saying her mom loves it.  Having recently jumped ship to the mac side, I was skeptical of this new operating system and told them so.

“Oh you’re just being a Mac snob!” they told me.

Maybe that is so.  But everything I have heard hasn’t been the greatest.  Just take a look at the system requirements!  Windows 7 requires 2GB of  RAM and 16GB of available disk space…SERIOUSLY??  That is a lot of required disk space and memory!

Brian Croll, vice president of Apple”s Mac OS X worldwide product marketing was quoted in a article, “”Windows 7 is still just Windows. It doesn’t change a lot. It’s still complex, it’s still really expensive when you look at the cost of the upgrade, and there’s still security concerns.”

“It also still requires a lot of assembly. It turns out when you get Windows 7 it doesn’t even have some of the basic applications like mail or chat, or programs to manage your photos. You actually have to go and find them and download them.” Croll also said.

Read the article. Watch some videos.  Heck, go look at Microsoft’s site.  Maybe it is just me, but I’ve found Mac to be so much easier to use.  Hmm…let me know if you use Windows 7 and like it…

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