Mililani, Hawaii; sometimes affectionately referred to as “Mil-ville.” Country, suburb, paradise, HOME.

Some days, especially when it’s particularly cold and gloomy in Omaha, I like to think about the town I grew up in. To the townies, Mililani is the country and we’re country hicks. To the people who live in Mililani, it’s a suburb that’s located at a great almost-central location on Oahu. You can go to town one day or North Shore then next. For those who live on the mainland, they hear Hawaii and think paradise. To me, it will always be home – a place of comfort and familiarity.

The houses and layout of the community looks similar throughout Mililani – thanks to the Mililani Town Association (MTA). It’s not something that has ever really bothered me. MTA makes sure the general look of the community is upheld – the trees and bushes are trimmed, the grass cut, houses well-maintained (for the most part) and the graffiti kept to a minimum. I’ve always thought it was quite pretty at home. One of my favorite day dreams is of the sunlight shining through the green leaves of the trees that line the roads.

There are recreation centers – seven to be exact – throughout town that members of the community are able to use. Pools, party/event spaces, places to “hang out” – I’m sure almost everyone has at least one memory from the rec centers. We have parks, skate parks, dog parks, basketball courts and tennis courts. It’s a community where I’ve always felt safe enough to walk outside at night.

We have two major shopping centers and one mini strip mall. We have a movie theater, public library and a YMCA. There are about seven elementary schools, ONE middle school and ONE high school. It’s a town where the high school graduates are Trojans with a heart of brown and gold.

I would call it a younger community – it’s a community for families with younger children. I thought this would have changed over time, it hasn’t. This is probably because MTA has been continuously expanding the housing in Mauka (upper Mililani) making it a prime location for younger families.

It’s on the smaller side and not perfect – but what place is ever perfect? The community, the people, everything – it was a great place to grow up; it will forever be home.

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