Sunday Smiles (2/13)

It feels like this past week went by really quick. Maybe that’s just me? Well, here we go, my smiles throughout the week.

  • I went to work a little later this past week (but stayed later in the evening) and it was nice to be able to sleep in those couple mornings.
  • I’m still ahead in my handouts for class, so it was nice to keep up with staying ahead of the game.
  • Ashton joined Steph and I in our weekly outing to see our friend Pat. It was a really great time and I hope he joins us more often!
  • I received a couple packages from my family back home. My aunties and uncles like to send packages for the special holidays like Valentine’s Day, so I enjoyed reading their cards and snacking on some of the goodies in those packages.
  • Class on Friday went well. We put their projects on their websites. There were a lot of questions but I think I might be getting the hang of teaching a bit more so fielding all the questions wasn’t as hard as it has been previously. Also, I was so proud of all of them finishing their work!
  • Friday marked a week till Sol gets here for his visit! I’m so excited to see him!
  • The weather has been fantastic this weekend! It’s almost surreal, I have to keep pinching myself; I will enjoy it while it lasts. The sunshine and blue skies really make me smile like an idiot.
  • I spent the weekend in my kitchen, baking. I really enjoy baking and when I get to bake for the people I care about, it makes the process all the more enjoyable.
  • I got to hang out with Steph and Irwin on Saturday night – it was a great time!
  • Steph and I went dog walking today at the Humane Society (a usual Sunday activity for us). It was a great day to go dog walking because the weather was so warm! Granted, there weren’t too many dogs to walk (which is a good thing for the Humane Society and for the dogs), but we enjoyed walking the ones there. I walked this adorable (and sweet) long-haired dachshund today by the name of Sweetums. She really was a sweet heart and I enjoyed her cuteness immensely.

I think that about wraps up this past week. I can’t wait for the next weekend though, I’ve been counting down for a while now (Sol is coming to visit!! I hope you all had a fantastic week and have an even better week next week!

And, Happy Valentine’s Day (a bit early)! It’s not just a day for couples, it’s a day to celebrate all the people you love. Have a great one!


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