Sunday Smiles (3/6)

Happy Sunday folks! Like I said last week, this post is written in the presence of Sol (please insert goofy grin here). I hope everyone has had a great week, one that’s brought about many smiles. For me, this week has been a pretty good one.

  • Wednesday night was the weekly visit to see Pat – once again, it was another good night.
  • Friday classes were nice and short. So it was a win-win for both my students and myself. Everyone got to head off for spring break earlier than if class had taken the whole time.
  • Yesterday Sol and I went to look for apartments! It was a lot of fun – a bit tiring, but FUN.
  • Finished grading my quizzes today.
  • Got to sleep in this morning..well, yesterday too.
  • Sol and I made cake balls for when the gang comes over for dinner tonight.
  • Sol helped me do my taxes today.

So, it obviously looks like the end of my week was more memorable than the beginning of my week (since I can’t recall too much of it). I like to remind myself that a lot of the time it’s those small “normal” moments that will mean the most later; so, make the most of everything and cherish all the small things.

Have a great week folks, I know I will!

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