all together!

Card a Day: Mini series 2, 3 and 4

hugs, big ones!

all together!

Yes, I missed a couple days. I was rather busy, but I do have cards to make up for my absence! Yep, I left four of them hidden around. Hopefully he’ll find them sometime during the next month or so. I know I’ve hidden them too well when he tells me he found a card and I know that the card he found was from more than 2 months ago. So, I hid these in more strategic places. =) Almost like an Easter egg hunt!

I liked the design of the “miss you” card with the use of two different stamps – I’m going to have to try it again (this one came out a little messy). I also loved the colors on the purple and green “miss you” card. Those colors speak to my soul. Love, love, love.

I managed to find some new stamps during my Easter travels so look out for them in the upcoming cards! I’m hoping I can keep this up after April ends, but we’ll have to see how it goes. Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

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