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Card a Day: Trio

Major fail (again) on my part. Here are three cards to make up for all those days I missed. Sorry to disappoint guys, I know there are some people who’ve actually told me they enjoy these posts.

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My favorite out of this bunch is the blue one. In case you can’t read the stamp, it says: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” I love this quote. It’s a wood stamp that I got while I was in Colorado for Easter weekend (on sale!) and such a fantastic find! I loved that it matched so well with this layout of the card. Feels so spring-ish!

Red card: “you’re in my thoughts.” I tried to make a more complex version of the blue card to see how it would turn out. I think I like the simpler version better. Not that this one is horrible, it’s just not one of my absolute favorites. Maybe if I tried it again with different colors and different widths on the various papers?

Green card: “wishing you a wonderful day.” This card layout used to be a go-to of mine when I first started making cards. I forgot about it as I explored different layouts. But, I decided to make it for you because I realized I hadn’t made it for the blog yet. It’s definitely one of my classic layouts. I love that it’s on the simpler side but still playful.

Again, sorry for the lapse in card posts. Hope you enjoyed these cards! Besides, what are you doing at a computer? Go outside and enjoy the warm weather!

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