Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Markets are amazing. They are one of my favorite places to people watch, socialize, eat and buy fresh produce/products. They also provide lots of opportunities for great pictures.


Makes me wish I owned a better camera. My snazzy little point and shoot didn’t do too bad of a job though.

Last summer, the Farmer’s Markets in Omaha were quite the highlight of my summer. I had feasts of fresh stir fried veggies almost every day. Broccoli, green beans, zucchini, onions – YUM! This year, they’ve added another Farmer’s Market to their repertoire – Wednesday evenings! Check out their website for the schedules and locations in Omaha.

Ever since I made the move out to Colorado, I’ve been itching to check out their Farmer’s Markets! With everything so pro-organic in the Boulder County (Colorado in general), I was pretty sure they’d have some good stuff. I finally made it out to the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday night! My friend and I didn’t get there as early as anticipated, but the experience was enjoyable nonetheless. Check out their site, it has lots of great information for you! Boulder County has two Farmer’s Markets in Boulder on Wednesday evenings, 4pm-8pm and Saturday 8am-2pm. There is also another Farmer’s Market in Longmont every Saturday 8am-2pm. I can’t wait to check them all out! Perhaps my favorite part of Farmer’s Markets, especially in Boulder, are all the dogs out and about! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! (Sorry, I didn’t snatch a picture, I figured it’d be considered a little creepy.)

Anyways, Farmer’s Markets are a great resource for fresh produce! You should see if you have any in your area! Even if you don’t buy anything, the atmosphere is quite a treat!

beets and carrots!

pretty flowers!

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