class #4 - SUCCESS!

Cake Deco-mazing!

Ever have that feeling that life just scooped you up into a whirlwind and dumped you back down again? That’s kind of what life has been like lately, mostly due to cake decorating classes. It was hectic but oh-so-worth-it! So, for those of you who don’t know – I took a Cake Decorating Basics class from Wilton at my local Michael’s store. Our instructor told us they offer the same course around the nation! When I signed up for this class, I guess I didn’t realize I’d be baking every week just to provide the baked goods to decorate in class! So, since life was so hectic during the duration of the class and I didn’t get to post about it while it was happening, I figured I’d just give you an overview about the whole thing right here. Also, did I mention that the class is pretty cheap? The class itself was around $30, the kit was another $30, plus other random supplies and baking every week.

For the first class, we had to bring in flat, preferably plain cookies to start our decorating course. We kept it really simple for that first class and learned how to make stars! So, because I got home and the cookies were then devoured, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them.

class #2 - utter FAIL

Ah, the second class. Obviously, from the picture above, my cake from the second class was a big fail and a HUGE learning experience. But hey, that’s what class is for, right? What went wrong with my cake? Well first, I didn’t grease my cake pans enough when baking the cakes (I suggest Pillsbury baking spray with flour!) so when I took the cakes out of the pans, the edges got all crumbly. Second mistake, my icing was majority butter…and cold butter because I put it in the fridge. So, the frosting was too stiff/cold to work with during class. Then, when it was warm enough, it was too runny because of the butter. Lesson? Don’t use more than half butter in your frosting! So, combine cold/stiff frosting with crumbly cake and you get a cake that falls apart like my cake in the picture. It tasted great though! The recipe for that chocolate cake from scratch (with peanut butter frosting) will appear in a blog post soon!

class #3 - cupcakes!

Cupcakes! Thank goodness – my forté. I had to redeem myself from the utter fail the week before. We used many of the different decorating tips and learned how decorators get that pretty swirl on top of their cupcakes! You’ll notice a shaggy looking cupcake in there (well, several) – those are called shaggy mums! Note that the tip for shaggy mum can also be used to make cookie monsters, you just need to buy the edible eye candies! These cupcakes were orange cupcakes filled with orange curd. I’ll be making them again, so watch for a blog post!

class #4 - SUCCESS!

"Roses"..or rather, peonies! Don't you think?

Ahhhh..the sweet smell of success. I totally redeemed myself with the final cake! For the last class, we had to bring an iced cake to class so that we could decorate it. I could have used more icing for the white since it was a little thin and you could see darks spots from the cake showing through. This cake was a strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. Can you say “YUM!”? Oh man, I can’t wait to post this recipe!

Anyways, I totally enjoyed the class and will be signing up to take the next one! Everyone who wants to learn just the basics (and probably a little more) should take this class! With just this one class you can impress your friends and family with your pro-like skills. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try this class!

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