Little bites of YUM.

Dabbling fun

To dabble: to take part in activity in a casual or superficial way.

D recently introduced me to this amazing thing – On this site, you can find different classes about things you want to “dabble” in. You can explore, learn something new and meet new people without making big commitments. Classes run around $25 for one night of fun. 🙂 D had gone to a gluten-free and vegan baking class by herself and wanted to have a night out with her work friends and invited me along (since I love baking). Our class (as was D’s first class) was taught by Ashley, aka Sugar Mama (check out her site). Ashley recently blogged about our scone class as well!

Little bites of YUM.

I really want to chat with Ahsley more about how she got started selling her goodies…since it’s something that I’ve really been giving some thought to lately. There are some books out there I have my eye on, but it’d be great to hear it all first-hand. If any of you want to share with me about your experience of setting up your own shop/small business, I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

I won’t post the recipe, it’s Ashley’s. 🙂 Although, I will be attempting more gluten-free recipes now that’s I’ve had a little intro, so keep an eye out for those! But really, this post is to tell you folks to go out and explore. It’s summer! Go take some classes and learn something new! Painting classes, pottery, baking, something! D and I have a whole list of classes that we want to take this summer. Things like canning, painting, bike maintenance, rock climbing. 🙂 Go out an explore, tell me what you learn and give us suggestions on what kinds of classes we can add to our list!

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