Create-a-Bunch card workshop

Create-a-Bunch card workshop

On Saturday afternoon, I took the Create-a-Bunch card workshop at the local Archiver’s! The class was supposed to only last 2.5 hours, from 11am-1:30pm; I was the first one done and I left at 2pm. It was a long class! But, what else can you expect when you’re making 12 cards?! I absolutely loved it. The class was only $20 and all the supplies were provided! Plus, you can take what you learned and apply to your future cards! Please note, I made a lot of thank you cards during class. I really think you can never have enough of them! It’s always handy to have them around in case there’s something you want to say thank you for. 🙂

I’ve never used twine and rhinestones in my cards before. I usually just stick to paper. This was definitely a branching-out class! But, on the embellishments note? Those small touches really add to the overall look of the cards!

All 12!

The green card station was my first. The embossed paper was already cut to size for us to help speed the process along. To get that distressed look on the paper, you just have to lightly sand with one of those nail blocks. Or with some fine sand paper. How creative is that? I wouldn’t have thought of it. We started with the twine – just put a little adhesive down on the card and put your twine on it so it won’t move while you adhere the green paper pieces. Adhere the green pieces onto the card (over the twine). Then, you knot the twine around the green papers. Next, stamp your sentiment on some white cardstock using the double-stamp technique! Double-stamping was new to me as well. First, you choose a color, stamp, wipe stamp, stamp again with black (or second color). The two stamps don’t have to line up, and really shouldn’t so you can see both colors clearly! Add rhinestones. Use two raised adhesives (I forget what they’re really called) to adhere stamped sentiment onto front of the card, over the knotted twine. Viola!!

This was my first station! Love the color combos.

Die-cut station was next. I’ve never used a die-cut before; now, I really want one! It was really simple – just place your paper on the die-cut, place the top board over the paper and run it through the machine! These were, of course, nesting die cuts. This way they would line up nicely, as shown in the picture. So, we just had to choose the colors/patterns we wanted and run it through! To assemble the card, you put down the twine first – using some adhesive so it stays pt while you adhere the paper over it. Next, adhere your layers from biggest to second-smallest. Before, adhering the smallest one, knot your twine and stamp your sentiment. Then, to adhere the smallest die cut, use two of the raised adhesives. Ta-dah!

Easy die-cut!

The star station took the longest for me. I had to cut all the different pieces! So, you choose your three different colors you want to use. The largest portion will go on top. For the bottom, blue jean patterned paper, use a zig zag or scalloped edge. We had punch outs to use in class for it, but I’ll just use my scissors at home. Adhere the top paper and the blue jean paper, you want to make sure there’s enough space at the bottom for you to stamp your sentiment directly onto the card. Over the seam of those two layers, adhere the different colored stripe. Use a star punch out to punch a star through the top portion of the card. By waiting to punch out that star until now, you’ll have a perfect alignment between the white cardstock of the card and the patterned cardstock you adhered over it. Punch out another star from a different color that you would like to show through the front punch out; put some adhesive on the back of the colored star. Hold the front flap of the card down (so you can see the inside of the card) and adhere colored star to the inside of the card by aligning it with the front of the card and adhering the star through the front flap of the card. Wrap your twine around the front of the card twice and knot. Stamp your sentiment at the bottom of the card.

Star punch outs!

With twine and color show-through!

The clouds and balloons were next! And, quite easy to put together. We had cloud and circle (1 1/4″)punch outs and the blue backgrounds were already cut to size. Scallop the edge of your blue paper with either a punch out or scissors. Put blue background through and embosser, lightly sand for texture and lighter color. Adhere blue background to card. Adhere clouds to card. Adhere balloon. Put a rhinestone on circle. Stamp your sentiment at the bottom. Tie a bow at the end of your twine. Using a glue pen, adhere the bow and twine to the card, looping as desired. 😀

Clouds and balloons!

Good luck making your own cards! I hope you had some inspiration from these! And, I strongly recommend classes at Archiver’s!

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