Add ribbon and tie into a bow.

DIY Inspiration Boards

I wanted a place where I could pin all the different things that feed and inspire my creativity. Inspiration boards! I kept seeing all these inspiration boards on Pinterest and had to make some! Besides, the wall next to my desk was bare and asking for some inspiration! I made something like this ages ago as a gift for a friend’s dorm room. It’s quite simple and cheap to put together! Sure beats paying upwards of $20 for a nice-looking cork board, looks better too.

Cut out the bigger batting square, 2-3″ larger than cork tile.

Cut out the smaller batting square – this provides extra cushion for the front of the board.

Using hot glue, glue batting to the back of the cork board. (Smaller batting square is secured in there between the cork and larger square)

Cut your canvas, 3-4″ bigger than cork tile.

When gluing the canvas to the back of the cork tile, fold in the corners of the canvas like this to make your corners nice.


Add ribbon and tie into a bow.

This is what the back of the tile looks like with the ribbon.

The command strips I used.

Add command strips to the back of your tile.

Hang on wall! (don’t mind the mess on my desk..)

What you need:
12″x12″ cork tiles
Quilt Batting, 36″x45″
3/4 yard canvas, aka duck canvas (I would suggest 1/2 yards canvas for 2 tiles, 3/4 was too much)
Ribbon, 3 yds
Glue gun
Command picture strips, velcro-style

Cost breakdown
12’x12′ cork tiles, package of 4 – $7.79
Quilt Batting – $3.59
3/4 yard canvas – $4.46
Ribbon – $1
Command strips – we always have extra laying around the house but they usually run $3-5 for a pack
Total: $16.84 (I only made two, but for a couple more dollars, you could easily make one or two more!)

What to do:

  1. Cut batting in a square 2-3″ bigger than the cork tile.
  2. Cut another square of batting that is either slightly smaller than the tile or fits exactly.
  3. Cut a square of canvas 3-4″ bigger than Β the cork tile.
  4. Place the smaller square of batting on the cork tile, flip (with smaller batting square down) onto bigger batting square. So now, you have the cork tile on the very top, smaller batting square right under it and the larger batting square on the bottom.
  5. Using the hot glue, glue all the edges of the batting to the back of the cork square, trim extra batting.
  6. Place tile, batting down, onto canvas. Glue canvas to the back of the tile. Fold in corners of canvas, while gluing canvas to back to tile – this will make the corners pretty (picture above).
  7. Add ribbon.
  8. Put some command strips on the back of your inspiration board (I used the velcro-like ones)
  9. Adhere to wall. To adhere, I attached the corresponding command strips to the ones adhered to the back of the board. This way, I just had to press the board onto the wall for a little to get it to hold.
  10. Add creativity!
  11. Repeat steps 1-9 for a second inspiration board.
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