DIY Canvas photos

These are all over pinterest and I just had to try it. Plus, our bathroom needed some art. We have a gray theme going on in our bathroom, mostly because the granite countertop is so dark. Well, and I think because M thinks gray is manly. But it’s okay, I like gray. So, because of this theme, I stripped the color out of one my pictures and turned it black and white (in Photoshop). I then had it printed as a 12″x12″ at Costco. Made it into a canvas! It was a super easy and fast project! Now, keep in mind you can choose whatever size you want to use for both your canvas and picture, you just have to make sure they go together. Also, you can choose to use a different color paint, black just went well with the color theme. Have fun and enjoy! Also, I might mention, M was asking why I didn’t just get the picture printed on canvas – those are expensive! Check the prices next time you’re out. This project is way more fun and has a better story! 😉


Paint about 1-inch in from the edges

Yep, don’t forget to paint the sides

Flip it over and place heavy books that fit inside the frame of the canvas so it adheres without bubbles!



What you need:
12″x12″ canvas
12″x12″ picture of your choosing
Acrylic paint (I used black)
Homemade mod podge
Clear-coat, gloss finish water-proof sealant
Velcro command strips (these things are magic, I swear)

Cost breakdown:
12″x12″ canvas – $2.75, Michael’s with a 40% off coupon
12″x12″ picture of your choosing – $3, Costco
(I had everything else on-hand at home already!)
Total: $5.75

What to do:
Paint the edges and part of the top of your canvas with the acrylic paint. You want to paint about an inch towards the center of your canvas from the edge as a “just in case.” Let dry completely. Paint a second coat, let dry completely.

Apply mod podge generously to the back of the picture, center on canvas and adhere. Using something like a credit card, smooth the picture to make sure there are no air bubbles. Flip over so the picture is face down and place heavy objects inside the frame of the canvas so you can be sure the picture will have a good seal. Heavy cookbooks are great for this ;). Leave the picture this way for a couple hours.

After a couple hours, flip back over and use an exacto knife to trim the extra edges of the photo (if there are any). Spray with glossy clear-coat sealant to waterproof. I sprayed mine twice just because I knew it was going in the bathroom. You could forgo the sealant if your picture won’t be going someplace steamy like the bathroom.

Use velcro command strips to adhere picture to the wall. Viola! Stand back and enjoy your new art!

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