With flowers in the bathroom!

DIY Ombré vase

This was quick, easy and fun! So, why not add an awesome accent to your home? Again, something I originally saw on Pinterest (I’m addicted). Here is the blog post I followed. Gotta love budget savvy projects! 🙂 There are a lot of awesome ideas on her site, please go check it out! I’m guilty of spending some time there… 😉 What I loved, loved, loved about this project was that I only paid for the flowers that went into it! The jar used to have a bean salad, I just washed it and took the stickers off with Goo Gone. The paint and paint brushes I just had on hand from other projects. Truly, this was a low-cost project! And, I was so excited….I didn’t stop to take more pictures. I’m sorry! I mentioned in the DIY Canvas photo post that we have a gray theme in the bathroom. This would be why my jar is gray. 😉 But, feel free to choose a color scheme you love! Have fun!

Wash and take the stickers off your jar.


With flowers in the bathroom!

What you need:
Acrylic paint, 2 shades (a main color and a cream or white color)
Paint brushes

Cost breakdown:
Jar – $0
Acrylic paint, 2 shades – $0
Paint brushes – $0
Total: $0

What to do:

  1. Mix your paint into four colors, starting with your main color and using white or cream paint to create three more shades that get gradually lighter. It’s best to start with a darker, saturated color if you want higher contrast between the layers. If you prefer a more seamless transition from color to color, choose a lighter shade as your base.
  2. Starting with the darkest shade, begin to paint the inside of the jar, coating the bottom and moving upward. Pressing the brush gently into the sides of jar rather than making large, sweeping strokes will give you more control and better coverage. Paint until you’ve covered about ¼ of the jar’s height, creating a soft edge at the top of your line. A flowing, curvy line will look more natural than a hard edge, so don’t worry about getting it perfectly straight.
  3. Once you’re happy with your first layer, wipe excess paint from your brush onto a paper towel or rag. (There is no need to wash your brush between layers, as you’ll be doing a bit of blending between shades anyway.) If you’re concerned about paint coverage, hold the jar up to the light to find spots that need touch-ups before you move on.
  4. Begin painting with the next shade, this time covering the next ¼ of the jar’s height. Where the two colors meet, carefully drag the lighter shade downward into the darker one below. While you’ll want to make sure you’ve left no space between hues, it’s not necessary to do much blending. Definitely don’t drag your brush down too far into the bottom of the jar–you’ll want to avoid mixing the colors too much.
  5. Use the same technique with the final two layers. As you’re working between layers, the paint will begin to drip down a bit and that’s okay.
  6. Let your jars dry for at least 36 hours before use, or until the paint that puddles on the bottom dries completely. If you’ll be using jars for flower arrangements, place a smaller container filled with water inside rather than risking your beautiful paint job.
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