C is for COOKIE!


We are now into the month of November.  I thought everyone would like to know that there are only 48 more days left in the semester.  And this is counting weekends and Thanksgiving break!  I am super excited to go HOME for Christmas break!

Anyways, I sure everyone remembers this childhood favorite: Cookie Monster!  November 2nd is Cookie Monster Day.  Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite.  His second favorite is oatmeal cookies.

Here’s a video clip of  the furry blue guy!

But in 2006, Sesame Street began their Healthy Habits for Life segments in response to childhood obesity.  So our fun and furry monster started eating veggies and fruits and no longer ate cookies all the time.

USA TODAY even wrote an article about it way back when in 2005 explaining that Sesame Street is trying to teach children about healthy foods and physical activity.

So remember to think of our childhood friend on Nov. 2nd and enjoy a great cookie…or should I say..fruit?

Also, don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep on tonight so that you may enjoy your extra hour in bed!  Daylight Savings ends!

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